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Webinar on alert handling for MAHs the 2nd of February 2024

Welcome to e-VIS webinar for MAHs on investigation of alerts and Swedish recommendations, 2nd of February 2024 10.00-12.00 CET.
The webinar will cover recommendations from e-VIS investigations, the handling reported alerts and exceptions via complaint channels


  • Recommendations for MAHs and MAH local representatives to investigate alerts generated by Swedish end-users in the EMVS (European Medicines Verifications System).
  • Recommendations for MAHs investigation of packs reported via national complaint channels due to alerts and exception from the EMVS.
  • E-VIS plan for connecting to the eAMS HUB.


The webinar is aimed to coworkers at MAHs, who investigate alerts and reports about possible counterfeiting from pharmacies and wholesalers. The webinar is also aimed for MAH’s local agents or at external companies that support MAH in this type of investigation against pharmacies and wholesalers.

We have scheduled 2 hours for the webinar so that we have time to answer your questions during the webinar.

The webinar will be held in English.

Register for the webinar via the link below. Calendar event with link to the Teams meeting is sent after registration: