Swedish Medicines Verification System (SMVS)

SMVS is the Swedish national system for the verification and decommissioning of products in scope of the Delegated Regulation 2016/161. The SMVS is part of the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS) which is composed of a central European hub and connected national systems, in principle one for each country. The main purpose of the national systems is to serve as the verification platforms that pharmacies, wholesalers and other required parties in that country can use to check a product’s “authenticity”. All data necessary to perform this and other relevant transactions are stored in the respective national systems. The main purpose of the European Hub is to serve as a gateway for the transmission of manufacturer and parallel distributor data to the national systems.


30 September 2018
Version 3.0 of SMVS is now available with enhanced functionality. Pharmacies and Wholesalers now have possibility to create reports via a new API. The portal used by pharmacies and wholesalers have new functionality for handling of roles and responsibilities, together with handling of clent ID and password for the technical connection to SMVS. The interface for manufacturers via the Hub has been updated so that they can verify the status of the packages in SMVS, recall batch and programmatically call SMVS via an API to get reports about their packages that are in the SMVS. A number of new reports are available for the different stakeholders.

6 July 2018
SMVS is now updated to Release 2.0 with enhanced functionality. Pharmacies and Wholesalers can download Product Master Data for products available in SMVS. MAH can update the status on earlier uploaded packages. If products are to be sold on more than one market the status changes will be synchronised to make the information up-to-date. See below a table presenting the new functions.

25 May 2018
Release 1.1.2 fixes two problems concerning the upload of packages into SMVS from EU-Hub. Firstly a problem with an alert (duplicate pack alerts) sometimes was created during uploading of packages despite no such error occurred and secondly problems that only parts of the packages intended were uploaded.

18 May 2018
Release 1.1.1 fixes a problem concerning certain special characters (specified in GS1 Character Set 82) in batch id were not uploaded correctly into from EU-Hub.

10 April 2018
e-VIS is approved by the European organisation, EMVO, and can be connected to the production environment of EMVS. It is now possible to upload data to the EU-Hub for products intended for the Swedish market.


Latest updated:
11 October 2018

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