Request to onboard

We urge all organisations who are going to onboard the Swedish system to send in the form as soon as possible (see link below if you need to onboard or not).Requests for onboarding later than 11 January will be handled in terms of time.

The form is in three parts and all fields need to be filled. Do you have questions? Contact Do you need to onboard? See information

When you fill in this form, all details, including your personal details, will be save d and handled by e-VIS. This is necessary for e-VIS to onboard you to the system.
All personal details are treated confidentially and according to the Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. You are entitled to access the information collected by e-VIS. If you wish to be informed about the information, or if you want to request correction for incorrect information, you shall in writing send this request to e-VIS, c/o LIF Service AB, P.O. Box 17608, SE-118 92 Stockholm or