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Falsified Ozempic on the European market

In Germany, wholesalers have by using the e-verification database and safety features detected falsified medicinal products in the supply of medicinal products.
We have not yet discovered any falsified medicines in Sweden through e-verification, but the case in Germany shows that the risk is real and the risk also exists in Sweden.
The case in Germany also shows that the e-verification database works to identify falsified medicines, when used correctly.

With this, e-VIS Swedish Medicines Verification Organisation would like to remind all actors in the pharmaceutical supply chain that the verification and decommissioning of the unique identifier (2D code) is essential to ensure that falsified medicinal products are distribution of medicines and is never disclosed to the patient. Warnings that arise in the system need to be investigated together with pharmacies, distributors and pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure that medicines are not falsified.

Links to the Swedish Medical Product Agency and the European Medicines Agency