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e-VIS Alert Management System – NMVS Alerts

The alert portal is a web portal where end users (pharmacies, wholesalers and healthcare) can access the alerts generated by the end-user in EMVS. The purpose of NVMS Alerts is that pharmacies and wholesalers can document their investigation of the alerts generated at their pharmacies or wholesalers directly in the alert portal.

e-VIS also plans to connect NMVS Alerts to the eAMS Hub in the future so that the pharmaceutical companies’ investigation of alerts will also be available in the portal.

Contact for more information about NMVS Alerts.

An alert from the e-verification database is a warning where a notification about the warning has also been sent to the pharmaceutical company. As the pharmaceutical company has a responsibility to investigate the alerts generated for its products, end users have previously been recommended to document the cause of alerts that were due to their own handling of the pack.

The alert portal also gives end users access to the alert information for all alerts generated by the end user.

These packs are reported to the pharmaceutical company (MAH or MAH’s representative). Since the end user does not know the reason for the alert, no documentation needs to be done in the alert portal. Most pharmacies use

reklameralä to report packs that causes warnings in the e-verification database.

e-VIS will mark the alert as Under investigation when e-VIS becomes aware that the pack has been reported to MAH. e-VIS will close the alert when the cause of the alert has been confirmed in the investigation by the pharmaceutical company and the end user.

In e-VIS recommendations, the end user must document the cause of the alert directly in NMVS Alerts in cases where the alert is due to the end user’s own handling.

  • Update the alert with the status “Investigated”.
  • Update the investigation status to  “Root Cause On My Side”
  • Enter a brief comment describing that the error is due to your own handling or that the pack has been successfully verified as active.

e-VIS will close the alert in NMVS Alerts after the reason has been confirmed by the end user.

e-VIS will not connect any pharmaceutical companies to NMVS Alerts but recommends all MAHs to connect to the eAMS hub.

When e-VIS connects NMVS Alerts to the eAMS hub, e-VIS will be able to take part in MAH’s investigation of the alert and MAH will also be able to take part in the end user’s and e-VIS investigation of the alert.

If MAH wants information about an alert investigation where no reporting of the pack has taken place, MAH can contact e-VIS.